BAM organizes custom made architecture competitions for private clients in search of architectural quality !

    Chateau de Selles - Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect


    Whatever your project, make the right choice : organize an architectural contest !

    Ecological house construction

    ***** stars hotel renovation

    Winery renovation and construction

    Medical centers/Clinics

    Collective housing construction

    University / Campus


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    Preliminary analysis

    • Analysis and formulation of the clients' needs.
    • Analysis and implementation of current regulations
    • Competitive Bidding and coordination of engineering offices and geometers

    Competition preparation

    • Elaboration of the specifications of the competition and support in the architectural programming.
    • Creation of a competition regulation and adaptation to the needs of the client by our lawyers.
    • Production of graphic documents constituting the competition file (plans, elevations, 3d files, images, ...)
    • Development of a list of documents to render for each team and definition of a rendering format.
    • Writing, layout and distribution of the competition file for architecture agencies.

    Competition organization

    • Providing a website dedicated to the contest, possibility to ask to a public or a community to vote.
    • Selection of Architects: Pre-selection and creation of the folders/ definition of selection criteria.
    • Coordination and support of the teams of architects during the competition, answers to the questions of the teams, etc ...
    • Reception of the different proposals in due time.
    • Organization of the Competition Jury, in the presence of architects and related disciplines.

    Over the project

    • Increase your visibility through our media partners and social networks at each major stage of your project.
    • Privileged access to our network of trusted companies (optional).
    • Provision of building site monitoring applications on tablet for the building owners.
    • Realization of a video report and professional photographs on delivery + video monitoring of the site (optional).
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    Architectural competitions are an incredible source of architectural quality. It pushes architects to innovation and stimulates creativity. You will be able to make an informed choice.

    CHOSE the best architects team for your project

    There are as many possibilities for your project as architects to imagine it. The contest allows you to explore several approaches and visions for the realization of the best project.

    STIMULATE architectural creation


    The architecture competition encourages teams to excel in order to design an innovative and quality architecture in accordance with a defined budget and the expectations of the client.

    SOURCE new architecture talents

    Choosing the competition is giving the possibility to young talented agencies, which you did not necessarily identify, to offer you a new and unexpected vision of your project.

    COMMUNICATE with your community

    The contest is a great opportunity to communicate about your current projects and involve your community (collaborators, clients, community ...) throughout the project.

    MAXIMIZE your Return On investment

    Architecture contests save time and money. Putting the overall cost of a building's life into perspective with the benefits of a well thought-out project (well-being, flexibility, image, exploitation) allows us to understand the added value that a competition can generate.

  • BAM current contest:

    Results for the competition Château de Beaucastel



    The best projects are granted

    • Creativity and visibility increased by the competition of an unlimited number of architectural agencies.
    • Prior definition of the criteria to be met to participate and architect fees.
    • Between 5 and 10 months from the beginning of the preliminary steps to the choice of the winning project.


    Agencies allowed to compete are paid

    • Relevance of the participating agencies' profile with the project and the expectations of the client.
    • Preselection of 5 to 50 architecture agencies by BAM according to criteria then selection of 2 to 10 participants on file.
    • Between 2 and 6 months from the beginning of the preliminary steps to the choice of the winning project.