• clients

    Karim and his wife wanted to build their dream house and wanted several proposition to be sure to make the good choice.

    programmatic elements

    A family house on 2 levels, largely open to the outside and the pool, with 3-4 bedrooms, a master suite and an extra room.



    House of 500 m² on a plot of 2000 m²

    winning architect

    DANK architectes


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    The architecture of the winning agency is defined by a sliding game of roofs and staggered volumes around an L typology that contains a pool and terraces. The garage and the pool house are housed in different volumes, creating hips. Cross-sectional views help maintain a relationship with the green spaces around the building.


    A simple and rectangular volume envelops the built program, outdoor spaces and even parking. The facades of this project are radical and effective. They are decomposed into a low, very open part, with large windows and large openings that let light and vegetation into the reception areas, and an upper part with a very closed floor, preserving the intimacy of the rooms.


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