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    registration before december 20th, 2019



    By bringing together two contiguous non-constructible plots, Shelle and Xavier are lucky enough to have one of the last buildable pieces of land in the Croix Saint Jérôme sector of Noisy-sur-Ecole (Seine et Marne). This wooded area with its diverse habitats borders the Massif des Trois Pignons, the western part of the particularly wild Fontainebleau forest. The rocky chaos, sandy stretches and vegetation that compose it once served as a backdrop for the painters of the Barbizon School of Landscape Art. This massif is the most original natural area in the Parisian Basin and is an internationally renowned hiking and climbing destination.

    Faced with the challenges of climate change and the scarcity of raw materials, every tonne of CO2 emitted and every kWh consumed counts and brings us a little closer to an uncertain future. In France, buildings are the most energy-consuming sector and the second largest emitter of CO2.
    Aware of their opportunity, but also of the responsibility that falls to them, the project owners wish to carry out an exemplary project both in terms of environmental performance and aesthetic aspects.

    The entire project will have to meet the Passive House certification requirements of the Passivhaus Institute and reach the lowest possible carbon footprint level of the E+C- experiment launched by the French government.

    This project is not just a single-family home project. Its aim is to become a reference in terms of responsible architecture, aware of the energy and environmental challenges we’re facing.


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    General Information

    teams' selection

    • 2  to 4    teams  allowed to compete will be selected by the client based on their application file. 
    • Each team allowed to compete will receive a financial compensation of €4,000 excl. tax      for its participation in the competition. 

    registration fees

    • Registrations are free 
    • The application registration deadline is set to   December 20th, 2019.

    eligibility criteria

    • Registration is open to all architects or architectural firms, French or foreign, allowed to practice in France.
    • Architectural firms not based  in France are strongly recommended to join local partners.
    • The integration into the team of engineering consultants specialized in energy performance and environmental studies,  with passive houses references,  is highly recommended.

    areas & budgets

    • The project comprises a passive house construction of approximately 175m² , and a small addition of 40m² .
    • Estimated budget for works :   500 000  € excl tax.
    • Forecast architect’s fees : 13 %  of the amount of the works for the full project design & management + additional services , engineering design offices  and other consultants (see regulation) .
  • How to register ?



    Click on download brief and fill out your email. You will receive the registration process details in your inbox.



    Create or complete your portfolio on BAM. A maximum number of 6 projects (of which 2 may have not been executed) will be considered for each firm.



    Finalize you application via the application form. Each team will have to write a cover letter.




    before December 20th, 2019


    December 20th, 2019 - registration deadline

    March 3rd, 2020 - submission deadline

    April - winners announcement


    this competition is organized in partnership with

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  • FAQ

    does the team imperatively need to include engineering design offices, or specialized consultants?

    It is highly recommended to work with engineering consultants and design offices with references of passive houses, in the event that the architects do not have one. The project design and management fees is defined in the regulation.

    what do you mean by "a maximum of 6 projects, 2 of which can be projects which have not been executed" ?

    A maximum of 6 projects, delivered (or under construction with a photo of the building site) will be examined by the client. However, the candidate can choose to present 2 unrealized projects (lost competition, project under design, etc.)

    can i attach a pdf portofolio to my application?

    In the interest of fairness, portfolio on PDF format are not accepted. Only projects and elements uploaded on BAM will be considered.

    can engineering design offices or consultants create their own portfolio on bam?

    Portfolio on BAM can be created by architectural firms only. Other partners will be mentioned in the application file.

    Any references of passive houses of the engineering consultants should be included in the team's cover letter when applying.