• programmatic elements

    Yann and Brigitte wish to build their holiday home in a residential area in the center of Saint-Palais, with 7 rooms and a garage, to enjoy with their children and grandchildren.

    surfaces & budget

    200 m² built on a lot of 800 m².

    Construction cost : 450 000 €

    winning architect

    YUA Studio d'Architecture

    delivery date

    July 2019



    Place of family life that develops outwards, with a multiplicity of spaces forming a complex landscape. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen extend towards the garden, the terraces and the swimming pool. By its implantation, the light is permanent there while the solar gains are regulated by the volumetry of the building and blinds. The sunny swimming pool and terraces surround a green garden. Part of the structure, cladding, interior flooring and joinery are wood, the main material of the house. The exterior floors are rather mineral, polished concrete and terrazzo.



    The FMAU project proposes a contemporary re-interpretation of the Royan habitat. The house settles in the diagonal of the plot, generating outdoor spaces on both sides: on one side the parking and on the other a space planted and grassed. The rectangular built-up volume straddles the swimming corridor, creating surprising views of the basin. The chosen materials are white concrete and glass.


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